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The interpreter project

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Before you start

You need Rhinoceros3d version 5 (Windows) or 6 (Mac or Windows). A full licensed version is best, of course; the interpreter may not work with an evaluation version.

For a Mac

Download these files:

  1. ‘Sortal-documentation.pdf’. This contains installation instructions written by Lilianka Julián. Download here.

  2. ‘mac-package-v190713’. This is the folder called ‘Scripts’ in Lilianka’s instructions above. It contains the 29 items listed there plus the file ‘’. This is what you get by following her instructions on page 1, so you can continue from page 2. Download here.

For Windows: 1, download the zip files
  1. ‘sortal_3D 180904 oAPI’. This is Rudi Stouffs’s library (also called the sortal library, the engine, or the back end). There are other versions available on his web site, but my front end doesn’t work with them (yet). Download here.

  2. ‘package v190713’. This is my library (also called the package, the user interface, or the front end). Download here.

For Windows: 2, install the libraries
  1. Put the folder ‘package v190713’ in a location with an all-ASCII path name. This means that the name of the folder containing ‘package v190713’ must not contain Chinese characters (like ‘文法’), kana (like ‘ぶんぽう’ or ‘グラマー’), or even letters with accents (like ‘grámmar’). The same applies for the name of the folder containing that folder, and so on back to the hard disk. Be sure to use only the English input method. With other methods you can input English letters, but they may not have the ASCII codes.

  2. Make an archive copy of the folder ‘package v190713’ and put it in a safe place.

  3. In Rudi’s library, find and (by double-clicking) run the file ‘sortal-setup/setup.bat’. This will install files in the IronPython library for the type of Rhino (i.e., 32- or 64-bit) on your machine.

For Windows: 3, set the Python module search paths
  1. Open Rhino. Open the Python script editor (Tools / PythonScript / Edit…). In the Python script editor, open Tools / Options…. Click the Files tab. Add the following module search paths. ‹Rhino_name› may be either ‘Rhinoceros 6’ or ‘Rhinoceros 6 (64-bit)’. Select the path name for the Rhino you have.

    1. ‘‹Rhino_name›\Plug-ins\IronPython\Lib’. This one is probably already there by default.

    2. ‘‹Rhino_name›\Plug-ins\IronPython\Lib\site-packages’.

    3. ‘…\package v190713\package’.

  2. Click the Script Engine tab. Check Frames Enabled. Click OK.

  3. Restart Rhino.

If you’re hot to trot, now is a good time. If, on the other hand, you’d like to read some more instructions, go to the next page.

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This lattice design is based on the standard Nakata curve. Can you identify it?

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